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Friday, 28 February 2014

Notice About PMP™ SDuos

Hello guys,
Hope you all loving and enjoying my works ;)

I developed- PMP™ Ultra, PMP™ Light, PMP™ U-Ex and PMP™ RaZER custom roms for s duos in sduos forum.

All roms are on their best part based on their different features as per users interest.

Now i am thinking to continue with PMP™ Ultra ROM version updates only, because of 2 reasons-

1st Reason- Most of all users are using PMP™ Ultra only in PMP™ Series and they are loving to use this rom only. Comparing with ultra, there are very few users using my other roms. (Am i right? Correct me if i am wrong here). And also they all are based on same stock 4.0.4 only.

2nd Reason- Lack of time and etc..........

So these are the two reasons for that.

(But downloads for all the last updates of other roms will be always available)


Sunday, 23 February 2014